Sample Manipulation Synthesizer: Synthor for AudioCubes

Posted on 2012-11-12

Sample Manipulation Synth: SYNTHOR for AudioCubes

Every week, I talk about the updates on our free modular synthesizer application for AudioCubes, Synthor. Every AudioCube represents a modular synthesizer module, and the dark lines of the L-shaped image on the top of every cube indicate the 2 outputs. The other sides of the cubes are the inputs. The cubes are color coded.

Below, a new series of videos showing the new free modular synthesizer software "SYNTHOR", for Percussa AudioCubes. Request more info about how to order AudioCubes and SYNTHOR at http://land.percussa.com/how-to-buy-audiocubes/. In this series, 8 AudioCubes are linked to 8 different processing modules in the software, as follows:

Green cubes: low frequency oscillators with frequency input and signal outputs
Blue cubes: sample players with position input and signal outputs
Purple cube: sample delay line with signal input and signal outputs
Red cube: stereo out, with left and right input and no outputs

Using this setup, it's easy to experiment with frequency modulation synthesis (FM), sample manipulation, low frequency oscillators and delay lines. Green cubes (LFOs) are used in various combinations to generate signals which drive the playback of the blue cubes (sample players). You can load any sample into the sample players in SYNTHOR. Common formats like WAV and AIFF are supported. In these vide demos, samples from our free EMISSIONS sound pack, designed by Pure Magnetik, have been used. You can get the sound pack at http://land.percussa.com/software-downloads/

For those of you who'd like to read more about this application and see more videos, check out the posts below.